Tourist attractions

Tomonoura, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima is located in Numakuma Penisula, Setouchi Sea. This port town has achieved as a key port for the core of Japanese's economy from ancient times, and has a lot of tourist spots. How about walk around Tomono-machi to sense its times.

  • Historical Sites /Tradesmen's House

    Historical Sites /Tradesmen's House

    Tomonoura is located the center of Setouchi Sea, and has achieved as a waiting port from ancient times. Due to protected high disaster prevention awareness by residents, in large numbers of historical sites and viewpoints are remaining in this town. Let's walk "Tomo" to sense the times...

  • Exhibition facilities

    Exhibition facilities

    Tomonoura has a long history. Over a long period of its history, Tomonoura has experienced Ryoma Sakamoto's Iroha-maru ship sinking, or Rai San' you; a man of letters and Sanetomi Sanjou; a politician visit. Let's take a look such histories and cultures...

  • Temples and Shrines

    Temples and Shrines

    Masanori Fukushima who built Tomo castle also built "Teramachi Street" as part of improvement of Castle town. Various religious schools of Temples are lie on a straight line, and Nunakuma shrine near here. To wandering temples and shrines for your walk is one of witty time to spend in Tomonoura...

  • Sensuijima Island

    Sensuijima Island

    Sensuijima Island; a fine spot of Tomonoura; has been called "Nanaura Ebisu" from Heian period is. Both Sensuijima Island which is located in Setouchi National Park; the first national park in Japan and Benten Kougoushima Island scenery is agreeable and is picture perfect...