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Fukuzen Jitai Chourou

Fukuzen Jitai Chourou

Beautiful stone walls while greet your eyes when you look at the west side of the ferry boat place On top of that platform is where the” Fukuzentaichourou” is located. It was said that it was built by Kuuyashounin on the Tenreki years (947 ~ 957 AD) of the Heian period as a [Kannon Dou] (Tendai Sect). Afterwards, in 1638 it was designated as a branch temple of the Buddhist Kinkakuji Temple by Goyousei, the Emperor’s Third Prince. During that time the temple name was changed from [Kan'non Dou] to [Fukuzenji] and is still called the same way until today. This temple has been loved by people as the most scenic place of Tomonoura since early times. Just give us a call and our staffs at the reception will gladly share this piece of history to you.

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Basic information of 「Fukuzen Jitai Chourou」

2 Tomochotomo, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 720-0201 Japan
Tel. 084-982-2705

[Date / Time]
8:00 ~ 17:00

Adults ¥200, Junior High-school students ¥150, Elementary School students ¥100

Officially Designated Historic Site
Fukuyama City Important Cultural Asset