Tomonoura the most emotional recovery port town.
There are many stories there.

The calmly sparkling "Setonaikai".
That is the precious treasure.

A silhouette of elegant islands
emerging at dusk.

The thought for the festival is burning hot.

Light of emotion to blend into the bay.
The earliest fireworks festival in a year.

Memories of nostalgia,
awakened by the townscape leaving a good old history.

In a town where gentle time passes,
a thoughtful heart is alive.

A wonderful story you saw at Tomonoura

Hiroshima prefecture Fukuyama city, Tomonoura. If you stroll through this port town, you will encounter lots of "healing".
It is stolen by the superb view overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, and you can stir up the imagination in the townscape that gave a historical feeling. And, if you notice it, you are fascinated by people's warm heart.
Now, let's go on a trip of telling, looking for a cherry blossoms that you do not know yet.

The story of the Photos

Tomonoura colored in Tomo-iro. You will find photogenic object in here and there; a cat, an all-night light, stone pavement and a port. Let's display your Tomo-iro scenery at the photo studio.

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Tomonoura is a healing port town.

Tomonoura (Hiroshima Prefecture Fukuyama City) has been a key port of "Setonaikai" since the ancient times. Tomonoura is located at the tip of south part of the Numakuma peninsula in Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima. This town once-flourishing as “Waiting port” (Flux and reflux) and has known as an international-city in Edo period. Also it flourished as the way port of the Korean envoys and the Sengoku ship and played a key role of Japanese economy. You will find old harbor facility and traditional town houses from Edo period in artful way. It was truly “A Treasure of Japan”. Let’s give a ear to the stories of Tomonoura which hands down good old Japanese to the present time.