Four Seasons in Tomo: "Spring"


Spring in Tomo,

Streetscape Spring has come

First spring storm is not the way to make let people to know the arrival of spring in Tomo.
People in Tomo realized the arrival of spring from "Walking on streets".
Hina dolls; the color of spring decorates Tomo town to the nines.
The annual "Tomo Hina festival" is held in February.
When Tomo; the historical town is covered with pink,
it will also bring sweet spring scent to Setouchi sea.

A view of Islets from Tomo is gently shimmering

A gentle spring sunshine of Setouchi

Setouchi has genial climate with light rainfall.
And Tomonoura is located almost the center of it also has a similar climate.
Spring. A view of Islets; Sensui, Benten and Kougou from Tomo is in calm ocean of Setouchi.
Islets will gently shimmering while receiving gentle sunlight.

Flowers bloom in spring.
When we think about Flowers in spring,
we automatically think and talk about Cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tomo

I walk around in calm spring weather in Tomo while viewing cherry blossoms blooming.
I climb stonestep uphill gaze out over Myouenji on my right hand side.
I slowly walk up the hill, there is Iouji temple.
Iouji temple is located on the hill overlooking Tomo town, and I did enjoy viewing Cherry blossoms. This is really rich moments.
There are a lot of viewing spots in Tomo.
Nunakuma shrine, ruins of Tomo castle and Ankokuji temple lighting-up at night.
However, what I recommend is cherry blossoms at Tomo elementary school.
I believed cherry blossoms are always great with school buildings.

You are also eagerly counts the days until Spring.

Cats in Tomo meow mew while rolling over the stone pavement.

I keep walking.
I go out for Taigashima island, and walk along a uphill to Enpukuji temple.
On the way to the uphill, I saw a lot of cats.
There, indeed, a lot of cats.
Because Tomo is a port town, a lot of cats live there.
Even stray cats easily find their foods.

"Hello, Cats".
They say "Meow".
They throw themselves upon their bodies on the cold stone pavement to make their warm bodies from spring sunshine.
It seems like they enjoyed.
"You guys are also eagerly counts the days until spring."

In the late spring,
there is a Tairyo-bata (a good catch flag)
flaps in Setouchi.

A haul of fish
One-time heroism Tai fishing is still told today.

When cherry blossoms bloom and cats screw up their eyes,
Cherry blossoms color Red seabreams came back to Setouchi for egg production.
And in May,
Tai Shibariami fishing unveiling followed the old arrangement in Tomonoura.
On a ship, brave men are beat barrel drums and Princess Otohime performs Ryugujyo; a undersea kingdom; dances to praying a good catch.
Tai Ami fleet sails out to the sea led by a commander ship.
"Hurrah, hurray"
With brave call out, row a boat and haul a net.
And cherry blossom color bright Red seabreams are splash in the net,
"Good job, Good job". "We've got a good catch".
And call-out take on added heat, Tairyo-bata flow in the breeze.
A big catch.
Tomo’s good old days fishing traditional is still told today through their annual event.

The flowers of spring decorates
at night sky of Setouchi

Tomo Benzaiten (Sarasvati) will bring a story of wind in early summer.

Before rainy season comes (In May),
A signature summer event will decorate at spring night sky of Tomonoura.
An early fireworks event,
The fireworks shoot from Bentenjima island will display not only sky at a night but also black ocean at a night. It is pleasing to their eyes.
Lined with stalls in like the busiest festival, I felt drunk and looked up the night sky of the port town.
... Pyurururu, Donm, Donm, the sounds of fireworks.
Footsteps of an early summer.