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Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan (Tomo Jouseki)

Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan (Tomo Jouseki)

Tomonoura Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan was constructed on the uplands of Tomo Jouseki in commemoration of the 70th founding anniversary of Fukuyama city. It is also commonly referred to as [Shiomachi No Yakata]. Various efforts such as [Hinagashi Zukuri Taikai] are also being held on its front yard. Inside it, different folklores such as historical materials and festivals are regularly exhibited. In addition to that, special exhibits are also being held, therefore giving lots of learning opportunities to each individual. Aside from that, you will also learn about tide such as [Shio Machi Karakuri Gekijo] while playing, and old fishing boats that were once used are also being displayed. In such way, you can become friends with the seas and nature. That’s the Shiryoukan of Tomo.

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Basic information of 「Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan (Tomo Jouseki)」

Tel. & Fax. 084-982-1121

Tomonoura, Fukuyama City
536-1 Tomochouatochi, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture 720-0202, Japan

[Date / Time]
9:00 ~ 17:00 [Admission is until 16:30]
Regular Holiday/Monday (For national holidays, it will be on the following day)
New Year: Closed from December 29 to January 3

General Fee: ¥150 (¥120 for groups with more than 20 persons), children up to high school grade are free.

[Parking Lot]
Pay parking up to 25 vehicles (¥100/30 mins.)